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Francesca Marchiafava, MS, RD

Francesca is a Registered Dietitian, Specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders.

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Francesca has experience treating Eating Disorders in the Residential setting as a Counselor and Dietetic Technician. She is
committed to a weight-inclusive Health At Every Size (HAES) model of care and follows Mindful, “All Foods Fit”, and Intuitive Eating approaches. She believes everyone’s healing journey is
unique and she thrives on helping others find food freedom. She also holds a Graduate Certification in Sports Nutrition.


She views healthy gentle nutrition as an act of radical self-love. She sees food as an avenue to celebrate culture and provide much-needed nourishment- not as something needing to be feared or controlled. Her passion for nutrition is a passion for life and the dignity of the human person. She believes a relationship with food is ultimately a relationship with the self. She respects her time working with clients as a journey of establishing safety and trust and welcoming clients back home into their bodies.

Francesca has spent her years tackling Diet Culture, personally and professionally. She is an “anti-diet” dietitian who believes everyone with a body deserves to live in that body rent free of body criticism, discrimination, and restrictive food rules. With a background in both Nutrition and Sociology, Francesca’s work is that of Body Liberation, freedom from all inside and outside expectations of how one’s body “should” be. Francesca is a North Shore native who grew up in dance and swimming. She enjoys volunteering in the community, hiking, learning, and spending time at the Lake with friends and

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