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Our dietitian team at Authentically You fully supports weight inclusive and food neutral approach to health. The current weight centric healthcare system can lead to several problems and limitations such as limited health assessment, discrimination, lack of access to appropriate health care, long term harmful, medical effects of yo-yo dieting, and cultural insensitivity. Our team of dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy for all medical concerns in a supportive, function approach looking into the root cause of chronic disease, nutritional deficiencies, absorption concerns or compromised gut health, all while not focusing on weight or the scale but on overall wellbeing (physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural). We do not support restrictions or food eliminations but use nutrition, herbs, supplement, and targeted nutrition approaches to deeply nourish the body and improve symptoms of common health alignments all while supporting health at every size. We use modalities of mindfulness; lifestyle change; and individualized nutrition care to promote health while rejecting diet culture. 

Our unique functional approach focuses on promoting a positive and holistic relationship with food and one's body, rather than emphasizing traditional dieting or weight loss. It promotes the idea that health is multifaceted and goes beyond the number on the scale.

Image by Katsia Jazwinska
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